„Wine und Art in the Uhudler Atelier“

„Imaginative, exclusive and individuell painted wine barrels, staves, wine coolers, paintings and lots more“

„As a trained Artist I live and work in South Burgenland.

The landscape, with all the wine gardens, cellars and taverns is well known as the „Weinidylle“

This beautiful spot is so inspirational and has a great influence on my art.

I paint motives of the wine area, the fauna and flora, on canvas or on wine barrels, staves, wine coolers or on many more objects. I also do art on commission, for any further information see my website www.cathy-art.com


Catherine Hörburger:  +43 (0) 660 / 40 64 944
Mail: catherine@cathy-art.com
Internet: www.cathy-art.com